4 DGP Products that Meet Welders’ Needs

Diamond Ground Products specializes in maximizing the quality and consistency of one of the most frequently overlooked welding process variables: the electrode. DGP offers products that improve and maximize the efficiency of welding process.

4.1 The Proper Tungsten

The DGP factory is a “One-Stop-Shop” for all of your tungsten needs. We stock all the sizes of the most commonly used tungsten: 2% Thoriated, 2% Ceriated, 2% Lanthanated, our  trademarked multi-oxide blended tungsten called TRI-MIXTM and our newest offering, Cryo-T tungsten which has been cryogenically treated. In order to service all of your possible tungsten needs, we also offer 1% Lanthanated, 1½% Lanthanated, 1% Zirconated, and Pure tungsten with reasonable delivery times. Free evaluation samples are always available for welders to determine which type of tungsten will maximize their welding performance.

4.2 The Proper Precision Tungsten Electrode Grinders

To develop the first tungsten electrode grinder that actually meets the needs of welders, DGP worked closely with actual end users to learn what they wanted to accomplish and how they wanted to do it. The result was an economical system for quick and easy preparation of tungsten electrodes for TIG and Plasma welding applications. This system makes up the core of all of DGP and Piranha tungsten electrode grinder models

4.3 Properly Pre-Ground and Cut Electrodes

For applications like orbital welding, which require extreme tolerances, DGP offers preground Welding Electrodes that are cut, ground, and finished to the user’s specifications. DGP adheres to tolerances of ± .002” on the length, ± ½° on the included angle (taper), and ± .002” on the tip flat. We are the leading manufacturer of this product. Please call or write for free evaluation samples in either our standard 20 RMS or our High Polished 6-8 RMS finishes.

4.4 Replacement Tungsten Grinder Wheels

DGP offers a complete line of high-quality, low-cost replacement diamond grinding wheels for your tungsten electrode grinders. DGP grinding wheels are in-stock, and ready to ship immediately.